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The PGP program is the quickest way from college to a career in a stream of your choice. This is a fast track post graduate program for graduates. The industry endorsed syllabus combined with NIIT's quality training not only equips a student with advanced concepts and skills, but also nurtures a complete industry ready professional. The PGP builds upon your existing foundation that you have acquired through your academic degree and helps you acquire skills that are required in the industry in specialization of your choice.

About PGP

The PGP program's academic framework, the curriculum design, the choice of courses, and the strategies for learning delivery are consistent with the demands and requirements of the industry

  • Firstly, enables students to build a strong conceptual stream foundation to pave the way for disciplinary skills as well as research.
  • Secondly, helps impart students with necessary know-how, skills, and practical experience to be able to take up employment in a challenging & dynamic economic environment which is being continuously transformed by change in industry requirements or advances in technology.

The PGP is designed to help students not only learn to what they want to but also figure out what they would like to specialize in. Whether it is a career in Banking and Finance or in Social media and Digital Marketing, whether they would like to become a Cloud and Mobile Software Engineer in .NET or Java or a Big Data Specialist, learn E-Commerce or manage Cloud Infrastructure, a graduate student will find many choices under PGP program .

PGP Features


Post Graduate Programme (PGP) title for Graduates signifies a higher level of qualification post the UG Degree. As the PGP builds up on knowledge gained by the student during UG studies.


PGP offers you the flexibility other programmes don't, by letting you decide and chart your own path as per the stream according to your own specific needs.


Rigorous and future ready, it enables the Graduates with a dual-qualification across multiple in-demand stream thereby opening countless opportunities.


With PGP's unique Cloud Campus you get access to learning modules anytime, anywhere. Collaborate with your peers, access our nationwide faculty network, and learn as much as you want to, whenever you want, wherever you are.


Unlike other programmes, PGP is industry oriented and endorsed. Meaning that what you learn is exactly what both you, and the company that will employ you, requires.


The only way to build a stronger career is to build a stronger foundation. Only PGP ensures you understand and master all core concepts.


The PGP is designed to help students not only learn to what they want to but also figure out what they would like to specialize in. Whether it is a career in banking and finance or in social media and digital marketing, whether they would like to become a cloud and mobile software engineer in .NET or Java or a big data specialist, or manage cloud infrastructure, a PGP student will find many choices.


Students on successful completion of the program are assisted with NIIT's Personalized Placement Assistance.


Success in today's corporate world requires more than subject mastery. PGP ensures you learn all the necessary soft and communication skills you need to not just survive, but flourish.


Apart from the courseware that you can will download and use for the PGP courses , you will additional get access to rich content from NIIT's Online E-Library courses . The Online E-Library courses will help you recap courses on foundational concepts , standard industry norms and professional skills .

Programmes Offered

PGP in Software Engineering (Java Specialization)

The large demand in development of business applications across the globe has helped in identifying Java as an ideal technology to create versatile, efficient, platform portable, and secure applications.

In addition, the world is changing rapidly and the new generation of computing devices offers us an opportunity to conceive products and services that might never have been possible before. Mobile devices are increasingly being used for browsing the Internet. These devices are available in a wide range of screen sizes. Businesses are increasingly opting for a building solutions through a mobile device. Android, backed by Google Inc., is the fastest growing open-source mobile device platform offers powerful development framework to build rich mobile apps. Learners aspiring to become developers in the Java space need to be equipped with skills to develop Web, distributed, or mobile applications using the Java technology.

PGP in Software Engineering (Java specialization) enables graduates to acquire skills on enterprise application development using the Java technology. This program focuses on imparting in-depth skills to develop Web applications on Java EE platform and Mobile applications using Android platform. In addition, the learner will acquire skills on JSF, Hibernate and the Spring framework.



PGP in Software Engineering (.NET Specialization)

The .NET platform enables innovation in enterprise application development and deployment. It includes wide variety of pre-build components, which allows developers to create robust and powerful applications to address the enterprise requirements. In addition, to keep abreast with the current market trends and requirements, organisations need to incorporate business requirement changes into the existing Information System (IS). As the organisations have already invested a huge amount of financial and human resources in setting up these systems, they always look for fast, efficient and cost-effective methods to incorporate changed business requirements in the existing IS PGP in Software Engineering (.NET specialization) enables graduates to acquire skills on .NET platform. This program focuses on imparting in-depth skills required to design and develop Web applications that accesses various local and remote data and services. It also enables a learner to develop and deploy Web applications to multi-tier environments, design, and develop asynchronous solutions and create and consume HTTP services. Furthermore, the learners will learn to optimize and test their solutions using automated tools built into the versatile Visual Studio IDE.


Finance and Accounts

PGP in Finance and Accounts

Accounting and finance are the languages of business. An organization requires professionals who understand these well and can contribute effectively to manage & control business. The overall growth of economy and many sectors has triggered a huge demand for skilled finance and accounting professionals. Most of the organizations are aggressively searching for a multi - faceted modern Finance and Accounting professional who has attributes of managing application / technology orientation and has a sharp know–how on financial & accounting practices.

Apart from conceptual understanding of Finance and Accounts, today's Commerce graduate requires the necessary aptitude, skills, and attitude to help differentiate and demonstrate unique capabilities that distinguishes him/ her from others. Financial transactions, on the basis of accounting conventions and concepts, ensure that the transactions are unambiguous and accurate. Furthermore, as Accounts are records of financial transactions, Finance is the analysis of cost and fund for future requirements.

Hence, it becomes imperative for any company, whether large or small, to use modern day computing tools and techniques to record and maintain these financial transactions and to be able to use these for efficient business analysis. This will help decision-makers in taking the right decision at the right time.

The PGP in Finance and Accounts covers a range of topics from core concepts, terminology and principles, tools and techniques, practices and processes, book keeping, financial statements and their analysis, advanced finance and accounts areas like working capital, budgeting, cost centres, loans, taxation (TDS, VAT, Service Tax etc), inventory management, corporate finance, and accounting principles and application. In addition, the program helps gain extensive hand-on skills on popular ERP packages and business analysis tools, such as MS Excel.


PG/Diploma in Hardware and Networking


In this era, businesses are increasingly dependent on IT infrastructure for mission critical processes to achieve their goals. Organizations want to ensure that IT infrastructure is managed effectively and efficiently. Organizations are also looking forward to cut the operation costs, increase the use of automation, use the best of breed tools and processes, provide high application availability, and maintain high service levels. In addition, they want to optimize, secure, manage, and support their mission-critical infrastructure, such as large and small information systems, hardware, databases, servers & network infrastructure, web systems etc. Read more


Analytics is the next big thing that is already starting to transform businesses and their ability to compete by helping them make smarter decisions. Analytics is the new career of choice for those who want to stay ahead. It is among the most well paid careers & also among the most well-paid first-jobs. Know More

Program Eligibility

The candidate should be

  • Graduate/Final Year Undergraduate in any stream
  • Ability to interact in English in a classroom environment
  • Basic knowledge about the various parts and working of the computer

Selection Criteria

  • Admission to Express Diploma will be based on Diploma Front Office Test.
  • The Diploma Front Office Test will have two main sections:
    1. English Section
    2. Aptitude Section

The students joining PGPIT should have:

  • Completed Graduation
  • XII Score >= 50%
  • Less than or equal to 27 years of age at the time of admission.
  • Student should secure a minimum score of 11 to maximum 14 in the Front Office Test

Student Testimonials

  • PGP testimonial

    KarthikNIIT has taught me and strengthened my basics in .NET especially in ASP.NET. The courseware has been designed keeping industry needs in mind and in such a way that the student grasps the basics by way of examples. Also the Cycle Tests and the Reviews Tests helped me strengthen my basics. rcomma

    -Karthik Venkateshwaren
  • Left mark

    SnehaIt has been a privilege to study in NIIT Institute. This Institute has been an amazing resource for the students and Quality of teaching is Excellent. The programme not only gave me the in-depth knowledge that is required but also covers all the concepts that is required as per the Industry standards. I would like to thank all the faculty members (teaching and non-teaching) especially Sabri Balaji Sir for his excellent teaching in JAVA Technologies & the confidence that he have boosted in me and Saima Siddiqui Mam for her constant help whenever needed.comma

    -Sneha Shankar Salunkhe

industry endorsements

RightCampus to Corporate redemption needs an absolute platform which facilitates the acquisition of new and fresh talent. This initiative is ardently taken up by NIIT by, providing the right platform to the Employer and Employee for better prospects.

-Recruitment Manager, RealSoft
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